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Tube Axial Fan

tube axial fanAxial fans are one of the common types of industrial fans used today. These fans are used for applications that demand a larger flow rate at small pressure gain. 

Over the years, various types of axial fans or axial flow fans have gained popularity. Tube axial fans are one of them.

These fans are nowadays used in a wide range of applications from drying to cooling to ventilation and air supply for any machine or industrial process. Owing to the distinct advantages gained from their typical construction, these fans have gained immense traction. This post discusses everything you may want to know about these fans.

Fire/Smoke dampers are similar to Fire Dampers in fire resistance rating, and also prevent the spread of smoke inside the ducts.

Types of Tube Axial Fans

There are 2 types of tube axial fans. Direct drive & belt drive.

Belt Drive Tube Axial Fan

As the name suggests, these industrial tube axial fans feature belt drive, which ventilates the propeller from outside the fan. These fans are regularly used for general and industrial ventilation applications where they are used to remove contaminated air streams or moisture-laden air streams.

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